Joan Foulston Gallery & Gardens
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About the Gallery

The rustic gallery is a re-purposed building that was purchased from a friend of the artist who built it and used it as a cabin. The deck around the building was reclaimed wood from an old elevator annex! Joan's youngest son welded the iron railing around the deck (built by her brother-in-law) and her oldest son also helped with wiring to make it a "family effort"!

After moving the building and landscaping around it visitors often comment that, "Tucked in to the trees - the gallery looks like it has always been there!" Joan and her husband Delbert moved and renovated the building in order to showcase Joan's art and also to accomodate ongoing art classes.

Art Classes

Joan has been teaching private and group art lessons off and on for the past 15 years. If you are interested, she can handle 6 students at a time and will be setting up for classes in the new year. Supplies and lunch are provided, 7 hours of instruction is $100 per person. Phone 306 759-2570 for details.

Visit the Gallery

The gallery is also open for a "Studio Tour" at least once a year and most anytime people call for an appointment they can view the artwork.