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Paintings For Sale

To inquire about the works below, contact us for purchasing information.


"Brave Heart" - Nuthatch
stone is: 4"h. x 4"w.
stand is: 3"w. x 4"l

"Yellow Lady Slippers"
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stone is: 9 1/2"h.x 7"w.
framed is: 19 3/4"h. x 17 1/4"w
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"Black Magic Orca"
stone is: 4 1/2"h. x 3 1/2" w.
stand is: 3"w. x 7"l

"Autumn Whitetail"
stone is: 6"h.x 9"w.
framed is: 16"h.x 19"w.
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"Water Goddess"
stone is: 9 1/4"h. x 6 1/2"w.
framed is: 20 1/2"h. x 17 1/2" w
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"On Ice"
stone is: 4 1/2"h. x 6 1/4" w.
stand is: 3"w. x 7 1/2"l

"Spectrum Zebra portrait"
acrylic on granite
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