Joan Foulston Gallery & Gardens
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Art Gallery & Gardens

The artist is inspired by nature's abundant beauty and over the last 30 years she has cultivated a lovely yard which provides the raw materials for her work. Together with her husband, they have grown gardens, landscaped, planted trees and hauled in stone to provide a beautiful backdrop for viewing wildlife. They have left the praire homestead as natural as possible but also introduced a variety of plants, shrubs and trees for windbreaks and habitat for wildlife. Down in this secluded little valley there is shelter for ferns and more tender plants and flowers and the small pond with its trickling waterfall attracts a huge variety of birds and insect life. There is always something blooming, buzzing, chirping and inspiring the artist to photograph, sketch and paint the ephemeral beauty that surrounds her. Come have a look at both the amazingly detailed artwork she creates and the private oasis that inspires it!

We invite you to visit our Art Gallery and Gardens. Also check out the photo gallery